is alive and well and living and teaching in Okiep / Springbok



Video clip (17 secs) and full audio interview with Alfred Hinkel (25 min) 

is avalable lower down.

World renowned  choreographer and contemporary dance teacher, Alfred Hinkel, is on "semi-retirement" back in the area where he taught in the seventies, Okiep and Nababeep, in Northern Namaqualand, where he is busy establishing a contemporary  dance studio. Having been Artistic Director of the well-known Jazzart Dance Theatre in Cape Town from 1986 till recently, Alfred has seen a number of dancers through their developmental years that have found their position in the international arena.

Alfred is seen here at his house in Okiep in close attendance to a group of dancers preparing for a show in the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town, which he hopes will also end up in Grahamstown and at the KKNK.

With him in the photo above is Ulrich, and on the sides the 3 dancers who was dancing for NAMJIVE, another dance company that had to be disseminated. Christopher (right) and Ilse (bottom left) have both undergone training with Alfred at the Jazzart Dance Theatre in Cape Town.

Click on the video below to see a sneak preview of the current production that they are working on. ( 17 secs )


The holdup at the moment is the difficulties that Alfred experiences in obtaining a business license from the Nama Khoi Municipality to build the studio and professional dance floor on his property in Okiep.

His application has been waiting for approval since early this year. There is no definite answer on enquiry as to what causes the delay.


Click below to listen to the interview that we had with Alfred in Okiep on 

Tuesday 6 Dec 2011. (Audio only - 25 mins)







Contact Alfred Hinkel

Tel: 027 744 1998 (Landline)

072 786 6275 (Cell)


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